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Overland Vehicle Systems

Exploring Overland Vehicle Systems' (OVS) Popularity and Common FAQs

Overland Vehicle Systems, often referred to as OVS, has emerged as a pivotal name in the overlanding and outdoor communities. Renowned for its robust and innovative gear at an attractive price point, Overland Vehicle Systems caters to outdoor enthusiasts who seek reliable equipment for their overland and outdoor adventures without breaking the budget.

In this article, we dive into the essence of what makes OVS so popular in this niche market. Their products, ranging from soft shell and hard shell roof top tents to awnings and essential recovery equipment, have not only earned respect but have also become indispensable for many overlanders.


Understanding the curiosity and questions that surround such specialized gear, this piece aims to address frequently asked questions about Overland Vehicle Systems' products. Whether you're a seasoned overlander or new to this form of exploration, our deep dive will help you navigate the essentials of OVS, ensuring you're well-equipped for your next adventure.

Background of Overland Vehicle Systems

Since its inception in Santa Fe, California in 2019, Overland Vehicle Systems has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality gear tailored for overland and outdoor adventures. The brand's history is rooted in a deep passion for off-road overland exploration and the need for robust, reliable equipment that can withstand the rigors of the outdoors. This drive has been the cornerstone of their development, allowing them to become a respected and well-established name in the overlanding community rapidly.

The mission of OVS is to provide enthusiasts and adventurers with top-tier products that enhance their experience in the wilderness. Their vision extends beyond just marketing equipment; they aim to foster a community of explorers who share a love for the great outdoors. This focus on community and quality is evident in their product design, customer service, and engagement with overland enthusiasts.


Key milestones and achievements of Overland Vehicle Systems include a diverse product line that ranges from roof top tents and awnings to recovery gear and storage solutions. Each product release is met with anticipation and excitement in the overlanding community, showcasing their commitment to innovation and quality.

The brand has also established itself at major industry events like SEMA and Expo Overland, garnering acclaim for its forward-thinking designs and robust products. These accomplishments reflect Overland Vehicle Systems' dedication to advancing the overland lifestyle and their continued growth and influence in the sector.

Overview of the OVS Product Range

Overland Vehicle Systems has carved out a significant niche in the realm of outdoor adventure and off-road exploration. Their product range is diverse, focusing on enhancing the experience of overlanding, a type of self-reliant travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal.

A key category in their product lineup is tents, specifically rooftop tents, designed for durability and ease of setup. These tents are engineered for harsh weather conditions, offering comfort and safety in diverse environments. Another major category is awnings, providing essential shade and shelter in outdoor settings. These awnings are notable for their robust construction, ease of deployment, and freestanding design.


In the realm of recovery equipment, OVS excels with a range of products designed for vehicle rescue in challenging terrains. This includes high-quality IP68-rated waterproof wireless winches, traction boards, and air compressors, all built to assist in the most demanding situations.

Storage and kitchen solutions form another critical part of their offerings, with a focus on maximizing space efficiency and organization in vehicles. These solutions range from drawer systems and camp kitchens to roof racks and bed racks, all designed to withstand the rigors of off-road travel.

Unique features and innovations in their product line include the use of cutting-edge materials for enhanced durability, innovative designs for space optimization, and user-friendly mechanisms that ensure ease of use in the field and reliability in dusty and damp conditions.


Among their flagship products, their roof top tents, awnings, and high-capacity winches are often cited as best-sellers. These products stand out for their blend of innovation, reliability, and user-centric design, making them favorites among overlanding enthusiasts. Overland Vehicle Systems continues to push the boundaries in outdoor adventure gear, emphasizing quality, functionality, and a deep understanding of the overlander's needs.

FAQ - Overland Vehicle Systems Products

1. Durability and Quality

Q: What materials are used in Overland Vehicle Systems products, and how does this impact quality and durability?

A: Overland Vehicle Systems uses premium materials in their products. For example, their roof top tents are made with heavy-duty ripstop fabric, and their awnings feature robust aluminum frames and heat-sealed fabric seams. This focus on high-quality materials by OVS ensures long-lasting durability, adventure convenience, and resistance to harsh outdoor conditions.


Q: What kind of warranty does Overland Vehicle Systems offer on their products?

A: OVS offers industry-leading limited warranties that cover manufacturing defects and workmanship issues. The duration and coverage vary between Overland Vehicle Systems products. However, you will frequently experience that a minimum of a Four-Year Limited warranty on Roof Top Tents and Awnings, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty on many recovery equipment products is not uncommon for OVS.

2. Installation and Compatibility

Q: Are Overland Vehicle Systems products easy to install?

A: Installation of Overland Vehicle Systems products, like roof top tents, awnings, and bed racks, is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. Most OVS products come with a detailed instruction manual and mounting hardware for standard vehicle setups. Some products might require basic tools and mechanical proficiency. Compatibility with a wide range of roof racks, cross bars, and bed racks is a key feature, making Overland Vehicle Systems products versatile for various vehicle models.

Q: Can Overland Vehicle Systems products be fitted on any vehicle, roof rack, cross bars, or bed rack?

A: While designed for versatility, it’s always important to check the compatibility of OVS products with your specific vehicle, roof rack, cross bars, or bed rack. Most Overland Vehicle Systems products are universally compatible with standard equipment and a large range of vehicles, but always verify the specifications to ensure a correct and secure fit before installing them. 


Especially with roof top tents and racks compatibility can vary depending on vehicle size, type, and load capacities. It’s very important to check your owner's manual, or to contact your vehicle's manufacturer, to get information on vehicle static and dynamic load capacities and warranty information before installing these products.

Q: What’s the vehicle’s Static Load Capacity? 

A: This is the weight a vehicle can take on the roof whilst stationary i.e. when you're not driving. This confirms if your vehicle and your rack will support the weight of your tent, plus everyone in it and their gear.

Q: What’s the vehicle’s Dynamic Load Capacity? 

A: This is the amount of force exerted on your car and rack while you're driving, so it will be a separate spec for your vehicle and rack.

3. Maintenance and Care

Q: What are some essential maintenance tips for Overland Vehicle Systems products?

A: Regular cleaning and inspection are key for the longevity of Overland Vehicle Systems products. For fabric components, like tents, awnings, and annex rooms from OVS, use mild soap and water for cleaning and ensure they're completely dry before storage to avoid mold and mildew. For stainless steel and aluminum parts, occasional dry lubrication of hinges and checking is advisable. Always follow the specific care instructions provided with each Overland Vehicle Systems product.

Q: How should I store my Overland Vehicle Systems gear when not in use?

A: Store Overland Vehicle Systems products in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. For roof top tents and awnings from OVS, ensure they are dry and free of debris before storing to avoid mold or mildew. Proper storage extends the lifespan and maintains the quality of the Overland Vehicle Systems products.

4. Product Usage and Functionality

Q: How can I maximize the functionality of my Overland Vehicle Systems products?

A: Familiarize yourself with all the features and capabilities of your Overland Vehicle Systems product. For instance, many roof top tents from OVS have add-on capabilities like awnings or annex rooms, and many 180 and 270-degree awnings offer sidewall add-on options. Utilize these features to enhance your outdoor experience during all four seasons or in more challenging conditions. Also, following the usage and cleaning guidelines provided by OVS will ensure you get the most out of their products.


Price Level

The price range of Overland Vehicle Systems products reflects their premium quality and technological innovation. Generally, OVS products have a competitive price point appealing to those new to overlanding or outdoor enthusiasts seeking budget-friendly options without sacrificing quality, luxury, and convenience.

Customer Experiences and Testimonials

Overland Vehicle Systems has garnered significant attention in the outdoor and adventure vehicle market and is frequently praised for its durable, innovative, and practical products. Customers of Overland Vehicle Systems often share glowing testimonials, highlighting the reliability and performance of OVS gear in challenging conditions.


Stories from satisfied Overland Vehicle Systems users emphasize how OVS products have enhanced their outdoor experiences, offering comfort and efficiency in remote locations. The brand's commitment to quality is further underscored by the recognitions Overland Vehicle Systems has received, showcasing industry acknowledgment of its excellence.

These accolades not only reinforce the status of Overland Vehicle Systems in the market but also serve as a testament to OVS's dedication to creating products that meet the rigorous demands of overlanders and outdoor adventurers. This combination of positive customer experiences and industry recognition cements Overland Vehicle Systems' reputation as a leading provider of high-quality overlanding equipment.


In this insightful exploration of Overland Vehicle Systems, we've highlighted their substantial role in the overlanding community. As a significant brand in the market, OVS offers an array of innovative and robust gear, ideal for any outdoor adventure. Key points include:

  • Product Range: OVS stands out for its high-quality roof top tents, awnings, recovery gear, and storage solutions, essential for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Quality and Durability: Their use of premium materials ensures the reliability of their products, which are backed by leading warranties
  • Community Building: OVS's efforts in cultivating a community of explorers demonstrate their commitment to enhancing outdoor experiences beyond just selling products
  • Innovation and Diversity: The company's diverse and innovative product line caters to both experienced overlanders and beginners, focusing on quality and functionality
  • Affordability and Accessibility: Despite their high standards, OVS maintains competitive pricing, making their products accessible to a wider audience
  • Customer Recognition: Customer testimonials and industry acknowledgments validate OVS's ability to meet the demands of outdoor adventures

For those passionate about exploring the great outdoors, Overland Vehicle Systems offers not just gear, but a gateway to enriching experiences with durability, comfort, and convenience. Readers are encouraged to explore the OVS product range and consider Overland Vehicle Systems for their next adventure, to ensure they are well-equipped, safe, and comfortable in their journey into the great outdoors.